Type and Value of Transaction Commission Rate  Minimum Value of Commission
Equity Trading Commission 0.50% KD 3
Bond and Sukuk Trading Commission 0.01% KD 10
Special Trades (Trade Value):  
Less than KD 50,000 0.50%  
Between KD 50,000 and 249,999  0.40%  
Between KD 250,000 and 999,999  0.30%  
Between KD 1,000,000 and 4,999,999  0.10%  
KD 5,000,000 or more 0.05%  
OTC Trading Platform Fees Breakdown
Broker 50%
The Exchange 48%
Clearing Agency 2%
Clearing Agency Commissions and Charges 
Commission / Fees Commission Value 
Settlement Fees  (500) Fils for each Deal
Transfer of shares between the depository accounts and Registry KD 1 for each process
Transfer of Ownership fees with the approval of the Exchange
Commission / Fees Commission Value 
Fees 0.05 % Calculated on the basis of the share’s nominal value or the last trading price through the Platform, whichever is less.
 All commissions shall be applied to each transaction separately.